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Where can I obtain the card?

To obtain the reloadable prepaid card Galp Ready, you just need to purchase it at one of our Galp Service Stations. You do not need a bank account or any enagement period.

How much does Galp Ready cost? Does it include any balance?

The Galp Ready card costs 8 €. You will be able to reload the card during the validity period of the card. It does not include any balance.

How do I activate my card? How do I receive my PIN?

Ativate your Galp Ready card in 3 simple steps:

1. Find the last 8 digits of your card’s primary number

2. If you purchased your card in Portugal, send an SMS to +351 927 944 818 (if you purchased your card in Spain, send an SMS to +34 600 124 858).

3. Write the word PIN<space>last 8 digits of your card (without spaces).

Example: PIN 23456789

After a few moments, you will receive an SMS confirming your card’s activation and your PIN code, which you will need to make purchases at Galp Service Stations.

How can I reload my card?

The Galp Ready prepaid card can be reloaded through bank transfer:

Make a bank transfer to the account of Servicios de Prepago Integrales S.L. in:

Portugal Bank: Santander Totta

IBAN: PT5 0 0018 00034459723502004

NIB: 0018 00034459723502004


Spain Bank: LaCaixa

IBAN: ES51 2100 3821 10 0200143965

NIB: 2100 3821 10 0200143965


In the bank transfer’s reference make sure to add:  Your card’s Secondary ID.

If you make the bank transfer through the ATM (Multibanco) send an email to info@galpready.com with your Secondary ID and a copy of your receipt.

For more information, please go to the section Relaod.

Where can I use the Galp Ready card?

The Galp Ready card can be used for purchases of gasoline, equipment, GLP tanks, lubricants, and washes at GALP Service Stations in Portugal and Spain.

What are the comissions for using the Galp Ready card?

There are no reload comissions. Please check the section Terms.

What is Galp Ready?

Galp Ready is a prepaid card and a payment method. It has the same advantages of a credit or debit card but it has no link to a bank account.

It is a card that can be used by the desired reloaded amount, until the balance is empty, for purchases of gasoline, equipment, GLP tanks, lubricants, and washes at Galp Service Stations in Portugal and Spain.

What are the advantages of using Galp Ready?

Using the Galp Ready card you will be able to benefit from:

– Make purchases and payments in all Galp Stations in Portugal and Spain.

– Control expenses, only using the available balance.

– Check your balance and transactions through the customer account.

– Immediate reload balance.

– Acces to GALP discount card.

What is the card's ID number?

The card’s ID number is a 12 digit number that start by “2000” and is located at the front of the card. This number is your account number, used to reload your card and to communicate with our Customer Service. Using the ID number, you avoid giving your card number to anyone else.

Does Galp Ready have a card expiration date?

The card’s expiration date is printed at the front of the card (Expires End).

What is the CVV code?

The CVV (Card Verification Value) is a 3 digit verification code for your card, printed at the back of the card, near the signature strip.

Can I use Galp Ready abroad?

You can only use the Galp Ready card at Galp Service Stations in Portugal and Spain.

Where can I check the transactions of my Galp Ready?

You can check your balance, PIN, and transactions of your card going to the section “My Account” in our site www.galpready.com.
To check your transactions go to the section “Balance and transactions”. You will be able to filter results by date.
You will also be able to check this information contacting with our Customer Service or sending an SMS to +351 927 944 818 with the word SALDO [space] and the last 4 digits of your Galp Ready card. Example: SALDO 6789.

Can I use the balance to make a partial payment and the remaining balance through another payment method?

It is possible to make a partial payment and the remaining balance through another payment mehtod, as long as the merchant allows to make partial payments with two different payment methods. For example, for a 50€ payment, you can ask to pay 45€ with your card, which has enough balance for that amount, and the remaining balance of 5€ with cash.

Card limits

How much can I reload on my Galp Ready card?

Once you complete the full registry of your card at www.galpready.com, in the section “Terms”, you will find your card limits:

Minimum Reload 10€
Maximum Reload 5,000€/day
Maximum Total Number of Reloads per 24h 3
Maximum Balance Up to 15,000€ balance
Maxmimum Reload per year 15,000€/year
Maximum purchases amount per year Card balance up to 10,000€
Can I do ATM withdrawals with my Galp Ready?

ATM withdrawals are not available.

Customer Support

What are the contact methods available?

Through our website, in the section Contact: http://www.galpready.com/en/contact
Customer service from Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00.
Portugal Phone: +351 707 502 568
Spain Phone:    +34 91 29 00 203
E-mail: info@galpready.com

What happens if I lose my card?

If you lose your card, the first you should do is to block your card to prevent someone else from using the card’s balance.  You can block your card sending an SMS to +351 927 944 818 with the word BLOQUEIO [space] and last 4 digits of your Galp Ready card number. Example: BLOQUEIO 6789.

You can also call our Customer Service and we will help you transfer any remaining balance to your new card.

Can I overdraft my card?

The Galp Ready card is a prepaid card, therefore you will only be able to use the reloaded balance of your card. It will not be possible to go overdraft on your card.

Why was my gasoline transaction refused if I had enough balance on my card?

Some Service Stations can ask for a pre-authorization, which block a predetermined amount on your balance, before providing any gasoline. At the end of the day, the Service Station’s bank will cancel the pre-authorization and return the funds, minus the difference between the pre-authorization and the gasoline due. If your card does not have enough balance to cover the pre-authorization, the transaction might be declined by the merchant.

What can I do if I see a fraudulent transaction?

If you find an anomaly in your transactions, contact immediately Customer Service. We will send you a refusal form, which you will need to fill out and send by email to info@galpready.com. We will investigate the case and, if the claim is justified, we will request a return of funds.

Did you not find the answer to your questions? Please, contact us and we will help you.


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